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How It Works

Let's figure out your life after death - together.

Book Time

Simply find 30-minutes of time where you can spend with me. After you book the appointment, you will get a free copy if the Missing Pieces Plan book and the checklist.


Please get familiar with the book and checklist before our meeting and get all your questions together. Advanced preparation will help me help you.

Take Action

I will recommend the best tactics for you and your situation. You will need to complete these tasks after we meet and then let me know you have done them.

Missing Pieces Plan

Checklist & Book

If you want to dive into the book that has helped hundreds of families, then please buy it and do the worksheets. My book is free when you book 30-minutes with me.

The Checklist

Do you know where you are in the end-of-life planning process? (haven't started, started but stuck, need a push, or not sure what you're missing?)

Get Started

Starting with The Missing Pieces Plan Checklist together we'll discover what's done and what's left to do.

Let's Get It Done!

Together, we'll review each piece on the checklist until it's done.

The Book

Written by a CPA and CFP®

Over 20 years of financial experience

Helps you fill in missing pieces of your current plan

Includes detailed worksheets

Allows you to leave a legacy, not a mess

Provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind


What people are saying

"Jody Giles' extensive experience and thoughtful advice is an incredible way to bring the family together and to celebrate life - together. There was so much weighing on my family when we began this journey together - some concerns we didn't even know we had. Now we have open lines of communication, peace of mind, and the confidence to handle any tragedy or surprise that may arise, big or small."

Michelle Lievense

"Jody's help was invaluable as I tried to plan my wishes. I started planning after trying to settle my Dad's estate with a stepmother to deal with and little instructions. Jody makes it easy to do this work many of us put off."

Theresa Amy

"Who wants to think about their mortality? Not me. Not my husband. But thanks to Jody we did and it was a grace- filled, creative process that left us feeling responsible, prepared and greatly relieved."

Colleen Dodson-Baker

My Promise

My commitment to you

Let's face it, planning for the eventual is not easy and it's often confusing what to do next. I have written the book Missing Pieces Plan and know exectly what people need to do in their lives. The book has given me great insight into the problem areas and it's also exposed me to a lot of people, products, solutions, and tools.

Writing the Missing Pieces Plan was done to start the conversation with loved ones but also to help people take action. The reality is that people just did not take action. That's where I am going to step in now and help you take action.

After buying my book, readers would ask what they need to do and I asked how much they did off the checklist and it would be the same story each time...nothing. So let's do something! Let's do it together. I am here to help you complete these tasks with the solutions that are best for you and your financial and personal situation.

When you book time with me the first time, I will send you a copy of The Missing Pieces Plan and the Checklist. These are yours to keep so we can reference them together. For $50 per half-hour we will get something done. Book as many times as you want but please be prepared so we can accomplish a lot.

My goal is to have you prepared a lot more than you were before the call with me. It may take one call, it may take two or three but I promise it will be money well spent.

About Me

Jody Giles

After receiving a masters in taxation from the University of Texas at Austin in 1997, I attained both my CPA and CFP licenses. Even with my financial planning background, I was unaware of many missing pieces in my own financial plan.

It wasn't until we moved across country with twin four-year-old daughters that I stopped long enough to think about the 'what ifs.' Our long distance move, along with inspiration from my mother in law and a dear friend, motivated me to determine what we were missing and create the Missing Pieces Plan. Now, I want to help others fill in the missing pieces and leave a lasting love letter to their loved ones.

If it is a life event that has brought you here or just the desire to complete your financial plan, then let's work together on your Missing Pieces and bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

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