How to give you and your loved ones the priceless gift of peace of mind

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MPP Book Image

What is the Missing Pieces Plan?

There’s a saying, “leave a legacy, not a mess.”

The Missing Pieces Plan was created to ensure the “softer issues,” often overlooked in traditional plans, are incorporated into your plan to help you leave a legacy, not a mess.

The Missing Pieces Plan will help you live a fulfilled life NOW (and gain peace of mind) by planning for “later.”

Who is the Missing Pieces Plan for?



New Parents

....Anyone with loved ones

How does the Missing Pieces Plan work?

Four Sections

The Missing Pieces Plan has 4 sections providing step by step guidance to GET IT DONE.


The Missing Pieces Plan book includes worksheets designed to help you craft your wishes, fill in the missing pieces & give your loved ones a priceless gift.

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meet Jody giles

Welcome! I am Jody, the creator of the Missing Pieces Plan. My goal is to help you fill in the missing pieces and give you and your loved ones the priceless gift of peace of mind.

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I have been in the business of helping people plan for the end of their lives and have never seen anything like this. It is a true gift to not only those dying but the families left behind.

Dean Kate Moorehead

I am so grateful for Jody's help in getting my missing pieces in place. It has been invaluable to me and my family.

Debbie Giles Spies

“This is a fabulous tool for any adult and the greatest gift you could ever give your family and loved ones.”

Bonnie Bedenbaugh, NHA

"As a professional who helps individuals and families during these transitions, I see the heartbreaking effects when there is no plan. Jody does a wonderful job creating a pathway to help people by empowering participants with actionable steps, focusing on the most important areas. Her practical and positive approach will help individuals and families to create satisfaction in knowing they can fill in their "missing pieces."

Montell McDowell

"Even though this book may seem like it's about planning for your demise, it's really all about life. Jody Giles' extensive experience and thoughtful advice is an incredible way to bring the family together and to celebrate life - together. There was so much weighing on my family when we began this journey together - some concerns we didn't even know we had. Now we have open lines of communication, peace of mind, and the confidence to handle any tragedy or surprise that may arise, big or small, thanks to Jody Giles and the Missing Pieces Plan."

Michelle Lievense

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