A year of Firsts!

This year has been a year of Firsts for me.

A first – writing a book!

A first – being interviewed on TV and for the paper

A first – launching on Kickstarter

A first – learning social media! Blog posts, tweeting, retweeting, tagging, sharing. All new. All firsts.

And this is certainly a first…being labeled as a “mover & shaker.” Ha!

Here’s what I’ve come to learn after a year of so many firsts. 

Although I didn’t plan this, this was part of the plan. A plan bigger than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. This was the universe/God’s plan for me to spread this message, to help people plan, and to help alleviate pain and struggles for families who lose a loved one.

Despite the wear and tear and exhaustion of raising two awesome 6 year-old twin daughters, I am ready for the next round of firsts. I believe this message is important and it’s bigger than me. It needs to be told and shared. 

SO, what’s next?!? The Missing Pieces Plan will be launching on Amazon.com in the coming days. Stay tuned!

If you pre-ordered your book on Kickstarter, you will be receiving your copies soon!

Thank you again for all your support and love! I am so grateful.

Sending love always,


P.S. I am always looking for people who are willing to share their story with me. If you are interested in sharing yours, please let me know. You can always choose to be anonymous, too.