It’s happened!

It’s happened!

The Missing Pieces Plan is on Amazon – in paperback and Kindle!

You’ve asked when you can get a copy! The time is now! Today!

(Those whom ordered their copy on Kickstarter, it’s on the way! Thank you for your kind support!)

My mission in creating the Missing Pieces Plan was to help families plan and in doing so, alleviate some of the suffering when a loved one dies.

I’ve given you the tool – – – The Missing Pieces Plan book + the worksheets.

Now, how do I help you keep the book from collecting dust? (Do you need to watch my inspiring “The Chat” interview again?)

Maybe not. BUT, I will share tips from the show to help you get started.

  • Make some time to consider we could all be gone tomorrow. Envision what could happen and what you want.
  • Take a look at the Missing Pieces Plan CHECKLIST (attached) to start your peace of mind journey. 
  • Prioritize what is in the checklist to be applied your life. If you have small children, at the very least consider putting together a Will (where you name guardians) and consider obtaining Life Insurance. And, everyone of every age needs to document and share his or her wishes for end-of-life medical care.
  • Get an accountability partner. Ask a friend to join in the journey of filling in the missing pieces and set deadlines to start putting your plans in place.

And, I would be more than happy to answer any questions. Text, call, email, message, tweet or dm me. I am here for you.

We are on this journey together.

“It’s in this planning, this “work”, this dreaming, that we can begin to fully live, find our true meaning, our values and passions and be able to share those with our loved ones.” 

Sending love and gratitude,