What keeps me going?

What keeps me doing this work? Helping people plan for something they often don’t want to accept, face, plan for?

Especially since I am not selling anything with proven results. I am not promising something tangible like weight loss or a degree or new found knowledge. I am promising the intangible…peace of mind. I am promising that after you lose a loved one, you may hurt a little less. Your loved one may hurt, anguish a little less after you die.

Sadly, most of us that know this gift have already been through a loss. A loss where no plans were made and their loss was compounded.

So, why you ask do I keep doing it?

Because, for one, I believe in it. I believe it’s necessary just as making sure your retirement assets are well managed or your trip to Hawaii is well planned.

And, who wouldn’t appreciate it when your friends send you silly pictures of them trying to read your book?

But silliness aside, other than my passion for it, what keeps me going is YOU.

When I hear a reader tell her friend how amazing the book is, how well organized it is.

When I get an email from someone telling me how easy it is to read and how important the information is.


Or, after a workshop when I am approached by strangers thanking me for putting the book together and sharing my message.


When strangers tell me they’ve had a meaningful conversation with a loved one after hearing me speak.

When a friend tells me she shared with her mom her wish for a certain bracelet when she dies.


Or, when Dr. Jennifer Brokaw (daughter of Tom Brokaw, of whom I’ve been a long time fan) likes one of my posts!


So, it’s YOU. It’s the countless families I hope MIssing Pieces Plan helps – in small or BIG ways.

If you’ve been compelled to start planning or have a conversation because of a post, the book, blog or otherwise, I would LOVE to hear from you.

And the best love is a share. Share the book with your family and friends!

Thanks for being you.

Always sending love,


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