Make feeling GIDDY a goal in the New Year. How? READ ME! (30 sec)

Months back a friend ran up to me in pure excitement to share that she and her husband had recently completed some planning they’d put off for 5 years (not uncommon!) She said after the documents were signed and they were back in the car they felt GIDDY. C’mon is there a better feeling? 

Knowing you’d feel not only relief, but GIDDY – that should help inspire you, yes? 

I want to make it as easy as pie to get this stuff done so many of us put off. So let’s do a quick January 30 day challenge – together. Just 1-2 minutes a day (less than you’ll spend finding new recipes or at the gym) to gain that feeling of GIDDY. Let’s do it.

Sign up for the checklist and I’ll be posting 30 days of tips, inspiration and questions to spur you along. You got this. You can do it. It’s for you but also your loved ones. A GIDDY gift.

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And, if you get stuck, we’ll be rolling out a new feature sometime during the month (once I get my voice back!!) to help you along. Not to worry, there’ll be lots of posts about it. 😉

Here’s to a GIDDY New Year!

Joy to you and yours,