​It’s my birthday….here’s an idea!

A co-worker (who happens to also be a rabbi), share what he does every year on his birthday. He says he spends his birthday appreciating the loved ones in his life. He does this by writing letters to loved ones telling them how much he loves them and shares with them that no matter what happened on their last interaction, that he loves them. What a gift to those he’s leaving behind! He gives the letter to a friend who does the same for his loved ones.

I think it’s a beautiful idea!

A beautiful way to appreciate being given another year.

A beautiful way to accept own mortality.

A beautiful way to acknowledge the gift of life.

A beautiful way to acknowledge the gift of loved ones.

Who’s on your list?

Why wait until a birthday? This act of love could be done any day. Like, today! 😉

Each of these little acts I encourage you to embark on with me can make a big impact on those we leave behind.

Join me as much or as little as you can or want.

There’s only peace to be had!

Sending love,


#Actoflove #lettersoflove