Would this be a wish of yours?

In Chapter 5 of the Missing Pieces Plan, I talk about the importance of creating your advance care plan.

Advanced Care Planning allows you to begin the conversations now about your wishes in regards to medical treatment in the future. There are documents to complete, yes. But in order to be able to put pen to paper, this planning involves some deep thoughts in regards to what you would want in the event of a sudden illness or injury, or a chronic or life-limiting illness.

In the Missing Pieces Plan, I want to help guide you in formulating your wishes by asking questions like:

  • What if I am no longer able to communicate?
  • Is there an occasion or life event I would like to make sure I live long enough to see?
  • Would life still be worth living if I were unable to do any or all of the following basic daily activities; feeding, dressing, bathing, walking, etc.?
  • Are there any circumstances where I would want to put on a ventilator? Or, do I never want that?

Allowing yourself time to really contemplate what you want – (and acknowledge that these wants will change as we age and as circumstances change) – is a gift to yourself and your loved ones. By putting this missing piece in place, you are also taking an enormous amount of stress off your loved ones, since you are providing guidance for often-difficult decisions about your care.

Today, after seeing this video on Facebook, the above questions seem to have even more relevance. I am again reminded of the importance of gaining a true understanding of what you want and sharing it with your loved ones.


Click here to watch video.

This video of a grandson dancing with his fragile grandmother is priceless. When you see the smile across her face you can’t help but be moved. Knowing she is living here on earth – even in her frail condition.

So, I ask, would this be a wish of yours? Whether you can speak or not, walk or not, would you still want to be in your grandson’s embrace?

No wish is too small or too irrelevant. They all have meaning and are all important.

Make them, write them, and share them.

Live into what you want, your dreams, your wishes. We all can – if we spend the time making them.

Give yourself the gift of that time now. It will be a priceless gift for you and your loved ones ‘later.’

Sending love, Jody

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If you could share Thanksgiving dinner with anyone, who would it be??


If you could share Thanksgiving dinner with anyone, who would it be?

It’s answers to questions like these that help create your story. And I feel, help you create your legacy.

Today, sharing Thanksgiving with my Nana would be my answer.

I have fond memories of Thanksgiving dinners at my grandparents’ house – the smell of my Nana’s turkey roasting in the oven, the grownups fighting over the last scoop of her mashed potatoes and my cousins playing football on the front lawn.

My Nana’s recipes have always been a prized treasure to me. And even though I’m still a novice cook, I am grateful to have them so I may carry on her traditions, her legacy.

From Missing Pieces Plan:

“Making your legacy come alive starts with defining it in a tangible way—answering questions such as:

  • What beliefs and values do you want to pass on?
  • What traditions do you want to pass on?
  • What is your “story”?
  • What are your charitable and community activities?
  • What material assets are you passing on?
  • What family memories to you want to make NOW?
  • How would you like to be remembered?

Your legacy can have an impact on your family regardless of its simplicity or complexity. It is what matters to you.”

It’s in this planning, this “work”, this dreaming, that we can begin to fully live, find our true meaning, our values, and passions and be able to share those with our loved ones.

The act of sharing who you are is a gift – one that our loved ones will be thankful for, for years to come.

You may not think so, but your loved ones want to know your story, passions, and values – even the name of the person you’d like to break bread with. That alone is part of your legacy.


With the Missing Pieces Plan, I hope to bring awareness to some topics we often glaze over (or ignore altogether). These ‘topics’ or missing pieces, when included in our plans, provide our loved ones (and us) with a priceless gift – the gift of peace of mind.

The Missing Pieces Plan will be your guide to know what questions to ask of your loved ones or for you to document for the next generation.

The time is now to build and share your legacy.

I am thankful for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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